FeaturesHosted DesktopHosted Desktop ProHosted Desktop Pro + Onsite Support
Support for Line of Business Apps
1 – 10 users
Office Web Apps
Hosted Exchange Mailbox5GB10GB10GB
Automatic Offsite Backup
Unlimited Remote Support
On Premises Backup
Unlimited Onsite Support
*Offsite backup requires a Network Attached Storage unit not included in the Cloud Hosted Desktop.

Move to the cloud with confidence

As Microsoft Partners, we’ve proven ourselves to be experts in the design, migration and deployment of Hosted Desktop Solutions built on Microsoft servers. We can help with training, change management and customization that fits your business.

We’re also the only Gold Small Business and Gold Midmarket Solution Provider Partners on the Gold Coast, so there’s no one better to make sure your move to the cloud is smooth and hassle free.

Responsible Cloud Deployments

Moving to the cloud is a big step, and can transform the way you do business. Though without proper planning, infrastructure assessment or business process knowledge, a cloud migration can be a disaster. We take a great care in the planning stage to take into account your existing business processes and infrastructure. We consult with business managers and staff to get a complete idea of your organization, and also look for opportunities for you to get more benefit from your cloud solution.

We help you choose the right plan and the right support level for your individual needs. Whether you’re a small business, a fast growing startup, or an established midsize company, we can help tailor your cloud solution.

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What is Hosted Desktop?

Your Server in the Cloud

Until recently, it was typical for small to medium businesses to purchase server hardware and software licences and maintain them on premises. Improvements in Cloud technology, server hardware and security have given these businesses the option to host their servers in external data-centers. By running multiple server instances on the same hardware, these installations are much more efficient than their on-premise equivalents.

Using bandwidth-friendly terminal services, users can log onto these servers as securely as they would within an internal business network, with no adverse impact on experience.

Flexible Access Options

Hosted Desktops are not just for PCs and Macs. Users can access their work space from a variety of internet enabled devices including iPad, Android and Windows tablets.

Our Certifications

These partners are experts in providing solutions based on the most current technology to help midmarket businesses meet their unique challenges. They have a deep understanding of midmarket business processes, infrastructure needs and future growth costs.

These experts are qualified to recommend and deliver on-site and cloud-based solutions geared to small businesses and built on Microsoft Windows, Windows Server, Windows Small Business Server and Office 365. – Microsoft Partner Network

Partners with this badge are experts in the design, deployment and customisation of web-based products and services. They’ve proven themselves masters at providing advanced cloud-computing solutions to help customers reduce IT overhead. – Microsoft Partner Network