My Surface Pro 3 Arrived

I ordered a Surface Pro 3 from the Microsoft Store after trying one at the Microsoft Australia Partner Conference. It arrived last week and I put together a little video because it’s more interesting than a photo.

The setup was very simple and if you’ve used Windows 8/8.1 before with a Microsoft Account, all your settings move with you. When it turned on, I had the same apps, desktop background and email accounts setup as on my other computers.

What is it?

As a device, it’s an incredible piece of technology – It’s about as thin as an iPhone 5s and it’s more powerful than my desktop PC. It’s an i7 with 8GB of RAM, a 256gb SSD and the kind of build quality that you’d expect from Apple.

The first thing you notice is the quality of the display, it’s really, really nice to look at. It takes pen and touch input and, unlike the Surface Pro 1 and 2, it’s got a 3×2 aspect ratio – so it’s easy to hold it any way you like.

What does it do?

More importantly than any of that, the device is great because it allows you to work, create and play without limits. It can replace your laptop, your tablet and your desktop PC. Use it with the docking station on 3 HD monitors, take it on a plane for mobile productivity, make handwritten notes that sync with all your devices or pick up an Xbox wireless controller for gaming.

Microsoft are marketing the Surface Pro 3 as the tablet that can replace your laptop. And that’s a pretty accurate claim – I’m still carrying around an extra iPad for customer demos, though I’m no longer using it outside of work.

The Surface Pro 3 is the embodiment of Microsoft’s Mobile first, Cloud first vision. A great ‘everything’ device that runs everything that you want it to, whenever and wherever you need it.


Would be nice if it had an LTE option for mobile internet – though it hasn’t been an issue tethering it with a phone or 4G modem.



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